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Optional tours for Chiang Mai Like a Dream Tour article
 ภาษา : 
 More optional tours for Chiang Mai Like a Dream Package.
Visitor can change his or her optional tours guided by or within the same cost.

From the tour itinerary...

Half Day Tour Day 1 Transfer / Art In Paradise / Wat Sri Suphan / Doi Suthep / Home Industries
Full Day Tour Day 2 Inthanon National Park
Half Day Tour Day 3 Mae Sa Elephant Camp / Orchid Farm
 Half Day Tour
 You could replace one of the HALF DAY tours from this following list with Day1 or Day3.

1. Enjoy and be impressed by the beauty of a flower garden at Kristda Doi Resort, famous as the Heaven on Earth or fantastic wood carving works at Ban Roi An Pan Yang (an assortment) Museum famous for wood carving collections. Each article has been carved delicately and beautifully. Such as a figure of Kruba Sri Wichai, the famous Saint Buddhist monk of the north, carved of genus cassia wood that’s bark is very hard to be carved. It might causes tools to break. Craftsmen uses this wood to show how hard the reverent worked during his lifetime. Beside using this wood, the craftsman still uses another wood called Phya Ngeaw Dam, the black cotton trees or genus bombax which is very hard to find.
Then continue your visit to Ban Tawai that is the largest wood carving village in the north. 
2. Visit the fascinated hot spring in Sankampeang. There, you will enjoy seeing the Stones Garden and feel relaxing by taking a Thai Traditional massage together with the spa and sauna in the whirlpool.
3. Visit the green botanical garden in Mea Rim forest where is well known as the Switzerland of Thailand. Visitor will enjoy seeing the beauty of various kinds of plants.
4. Visit and pay your respect to the Holy Relics of Lord Buddha at Hiriphunchai Temple and Chao Mae Chammathewee statues, the first Queen who founded Lamphun over 1,000 years ago.
5. Visit and pay your respects to a Holy Buddha image at Wat Ban Den where the relics of Lord Buddha is enshrined in 12 pagodas. Half a day is ample time. Each of pagodas represents a birth year of astrological animals. Then visit a beautiful orchid farm and go shopping at a local market of Chiang Mai at Kaad Wanusnand.
6. Visit Wiang kum Kam, a settlement long before it became King Mangrai's capital around 1287-90. Frequent flooding caused Mangrai to move, but the place remained important throughout the Lanna period. The site was later buried under mud when the river changed course during the Burmese period. The area was restored as a historical park during the 1980's. Surrounded by paddy and village houses, the extensive site has a pleasant rural feel.

7. Ping River Boat Trip   
Since long Scorpion-Tailed boats were used as cargo boats sailing between the northern region and Bangkok. Almost a century ago they disappeared from the river when the northern railway-route arrived at Chiang Mai. Today they are brought back to life to serve tourists cruising along the Ping River.
           The first boats were built approximately in the 18th century by a local shipbuilder who got the idea from a boat-shaped coconut shell floating in the river with a scorpion on it.The scorpion’s instinct makes that it holds up its barbed tail all the time.So the original one was built following the sight of what he saw.

8. Tiger Kingdom  
Enjoy playing with friendly tigers in Tiger Kingdom. You will be able to get in their cage, take a photo and play with them closely. (The entrance fee of each cage is excluded.) Then have lunch at the open-air restaurant, surrounded by tigers.

Full Day Tour
You could replace one of the FULL DAY tours from this following list with Day2.

1 . Elephant Safari

Time : 8.00 - 17.00

08.00  Pick up from your hotel. Then head off to Mae Taeng elephant camp .
9.30 Enjoy with the elephants at work , hauling timber logs, playing and bathing in cool streams.
10.00 Ride an elephant for 1 hour across the river and jungle to visit Lisu Tribe village. Learn their interesting lifestyle before riding an ox cart
back to the camp.
12.00 Have lunch at the elephant camp.
13.00 Enjoy the bamboo rafting
along Mae taeng river for 45 minutes. You will be impressed with calm and cool river and nice surrounding along the raft.
14.00 Stop by at a colorful orchid and butterfly farm
16.00 Back to your hotel


2. Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle

Time : 7.30 - 21.00

7.30  After breakfast, pick up from your hotel. Go to chiang Rai.
10.00 Visit Yao or Mien hill tribe villages
. Yao is one of the few Hill tribe people who have their own written language, derived from historical Chinese lettering. Mien women are easily recognised by their characteristic dress. They wear a large flowing black coat, tied at the back. A large red muff lines the front of the coat.
12.00  Have lunch at a fine local restaurant.
13.00  Visit the Golden Triangle
where the borderlines of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet. This place used to be the famous opium business center where was purchased with gold.
15.00 Continue your trip to Mae Sai
, the northern most city of Thailand and its border of Myanmar. Enjoy your shopping at a local market. (Crossing the border is optional.)
18.00  Back to Chiang Mai.
21.00 Arrive at Chiang Mai. We drop you off at your hotel.

Remarks : Boat trip to Laos market from the Golden Triangle is 300 baht / person extra.

4. White Water Rafting

Time : 8.00 - 17.00

Explore an unspoiled area away from tourist areas by white water rafting along Mae tang cool and clear river. Enjoy trekking to hilltribe villages and elephant riding. The level of this river is around 3-4. Exciting to do the raft with no danger.

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